Founder of Association of Education Training and Research Institute – Association of Education Training and Research Institute offers a platform to professional universities, open universities, traditional universities, educational institutions, colleges and training institutes to showcase their work in the field of education. The main objective of the association is to promote youth welfare, student services and supporting the organizations working for improvement of the education status.

Founder of First Track India – First Track India is an active organization for placement of students in leading domestic and international firms. The objective of the firm is to bring students and the organizations together in order to allow them discovering great job experience.

Founder of India Excellence Summit and Awards – Indian Excellence Summit and Awards is a non- profit effort to highlight the people who are working for improvement of the Indian education society. Those who provide reliable study resources and educational technology are appreciated under this award.

Founder of Panasia Business Promotion Council – Panasia Business Promotion Council is a non govt. company working for promoting businesses and organizations. The company ensures marketing of brands through a variety of promotion tools.