About Us

The Association of Education Training & Research Institutes (ASSOED) is an apex Knowledge Chamber engaged in policy, research and development in education sector, industry, environment, culture and heritage. It provides policy suggestions to government and non government organizations, represents for and on behalf of various institutions at National as well as International level.

ASSOED is the ink that joins the dots separated by miles; the roads that connect distant places; we are the complex yet unified voice of high and mighty educational institutions in the country. ASSOED provides a forum to all educational institutions to come together and facilitate mutually beneficial interactions with each other as well as uniting the several heard unheard voices singly and in the most unified fashion in interacting with the government, thereby resulting in the betterment of the education services themselves.

ASSOED translates, simplifies and represents the matters pertaining to the common interest of the organizations and place before the government.  It voices, withdrawing consistently from restraint, the problems of the institutions that need to be addressed by the government. ASSOED not only addresses the issues of common concerns, but also acts as a solution finder, the path enlightener that work relentlessly by compiling research based statistical data and finding the best practical solutions for the institutions. ASSOED also facilitates student mobility by helping them finding the institutions of their choice, suiting to their career interests and aspirations where they get good exposure and environment. This in turn helps them realizing their potentials and developing mature understanding about the complex issues of the new world order. The students also get opportunities to interact with a system that helps them to not only expand but also massively uncover new horizons. Our focus is directed at the betterment of the student through the betterment of the institutions, and in that pursuit we suggest to the government the much needed steps to be taken to facilitate education in the present knowledge era.

We also scrupulously direct our efforts towards the translation of the vision of one of our greatest Prime Ministers, that of educating and skilling India.

We believe in strengthening the foundation of education focusing on skilling of the specific core areas with the help of digital resources. It is not out of context to mention that we at ASSOED persistently struggle to provide the institutions with better and advanced resources so that the Indian children can rely not just on printed books but also on technology that is amassing the education field globally. We engender the notion of Skill India by continuously expanding our efforts in helping institutions in the direction of identifying and recruiting able and dynamic teachers, better resources and a more comprehensive course architecture so that the Indian children can confidently and consistently perform better on the global forum. We also aim at concretizing the presence of various education institutes in rural areas, connect them to other bigger institutions via digital technologies so the former can be guided in the light of the latter. As a result of our consistent efforts in this direction we ensure the fulfillment of one of our primary objectives, that of strengthening the core strength of the Indian children  to an extent that their understanding and skills become the starting point of the initiation of engagement, eventually setting up of various renowned overseas multinationals in our countries.  We are the association that ensures the inception and strengthen the bonds between institutions in such a manner that one helps to other in finding the solution by collaboration and joint endeavor. We believe in extending our hands to help the institutions, Govt. and NGOs in realizing their objectives and mandates.